Boca Boa Sauces

Full go-to market strategy and execution

Art Direction: Juan Cabrera
Strategy: Juan Cabrera
Product Design: Juan Cabrera
Photography: Namaste Vo
Videography: Anthony Airoldi

There's a sauce for every occasion!


When Boca Boa Distribution Inc approached us, we knew that we were in for a treat! One of the first requests was to create a go-to market strategy that would allow them to reach their goal of having their sauces in 1 million homes. Another key aspect of their request was that we had free rein to do whatever we wanted with the sauce as long as we kept certain elements of their initial logo and branding.

This project that started from white gallons of sauce quickly turned into a bottle, brand, label and website. We were entrusted to execute all marketing aspects related to the company including developping the final product for end consumers.

What exactly is a sauce?

During our initial calls it was clear that we had to develop a voice and tone to the brand in order to outshine the current and future competitors. While some brands went for a more traditional black and white approach it was ultimately decided that the branding should reflect the product it was holding.


Sourcing a bottle that would embody the nature of the product while also paying tribute to the craftmanship behind it proved to be a challenge the Boca Boa loved to tackle. Over 15 different bottle iterations were tested before landing on a format that would check all the boxes. 


We ended up deciding on an 8oz bottle that would hold 250ml of sauce.  The results is what happens when trust meets execution. Having Boca Boa's whole team on board with every step of the project created a product that is ultimately more than the sum of its parts.

The gradient on the labels provides a visual journey of the products. The label was conceived to represent all the gradients that might eventually end up in the sauce itself. It is an ensemble of everything the company embodies.


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